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Paint Warfare (or PW for short) is an early access multiplayer paintball shooter FPS, with unique unlockable weapons, funky physics and a fun low-poly art style.

The remastered version (which has been in development since early to mid-2019) features better combat, brand new maps and weapons.
The various vast maps supporting massive team, LMS and FFA combat, with many unique terrains and vehicles you can use to your advantage.

While this may not look like your everyday paintball fight, the insane physics, tanks and explosive weapons make for a fun, casual multiplayer experience.

  • Ragdolls, wall climbing, bazookas and more
  • 3 vast 3x3 and 2x2km maps, as well as a close-range arena type map, with more on the way!
  • Fight as infantry or in vehicles, such as tanks, trucks and fighter planes
  • Features FFA, LMS and Team Fight modes, though CTF and Co-op are coming soon!
  • Cross-platform play, great with friends

Paint Warfare major releases are released every month, with smaller patches and content additions in between. The game is currently very early in its early access stage, with more content and fixes coming soon!

Note: although this game has a player matchmaking system, you may not always be able to find a match, so we recommend finding some friends to play with or joining the discord for regular tests, matchmaking and updates. (https://discord.gg/DZmS57b)
Campaign and co-op modes are also planned for the upcoming updates, so you will soon be able to play the game offline and solo.

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