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Paint Warfare (or PW for short) is an early access multiplayer paintball shooter FPS, with unique unlockable weapons and a fun low-poly art style.

The remastered version (which has been in development since late 2018) features better combat, brand new maps and weapons.

The vast maps supporting large-scale team and FFA combat, taking inspiration from real-world military combat around the world.

Paint Warfare takes inspiration from major triple A titles like Battlefield and other indies like Ravenfield or Battlebit. The game features wide open maps and will soon include vehicles and more weapons.

Basic Controls:

  • W: Run Forwards
  • S: Run Backwards
  • A: Strafe Left
  • D: Strafe Right
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Mouse: Look
  • LMB: Fire
  • RMB: Aim (Can be set to toggle in options)
  • Control: Crouch


  • Control / Option: Crouch
  • Scroll Wheel / Num Keys: Select Weapons
  • B: Binocs
  • R: Reload


  • F: Enter / Exit / Interact
  • M: Mini-Map

Other Controls:

  • Enter: Chat
  • Esc: Pause
  • Tab / Quote / T: Leaderboard

Note: This project is in early access. There will be constant updates and patches to improve the game. To make sure that you can join matches with people on newer versions, you will need to update the game. 

Join the Official Discord for voice chat, news and people to play with! Use the widget below to log in or create an account to chat with the community!

By joining the discord you can:

  • Join organised matches and create matches with the community
  • Sign up to become a tester and test builds early
  • Receive news on the game and progress

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