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Paint Warfare is far from just a regular and unremarkable online paintball simulation, and for good reason, because this is unlike any paintball fight you'll ever experience. With fast-paced infantry combat and whacky movement, you can turn just about any map into your very own jungle gym. Wall-climbing mechanics easily allow you to scale anything from buildings to silos and trees, while the diagonal speed boost, combined with bunny hopping mechanics allow you to quickly build-up speed and scout the map for enemies.

From grenades that easily propel you across the closely-knit maps to a fun and optimised cartoony art style, Paint Warfare is easily unlike any FPS game out there.

  • Fast and fun movement - turn the map into your own jungle gym
  • Selection of fun and unique weapons - from bubble grenades to bazookas and shotguns, the game supports many different playstyles
  • Easy to play with friends - cross-platform capabilities combined with a simple art style make it easy to play with friends, and the compact maps allow from anything ranging from just a simple duel to a mass paint brawl

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