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Paint Warfare

The best paintball you'll ever experience · By Mini Official


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Paint Warfare 1.8 Gameplay and Polish Overhaul
After a month of both open and closed beta testing on the discord server , we’ve nailed down most of the major bugs found in 1.7 and 1.7.2. Along with that, s...
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Paint Warfare is back on itch!
Paint Warfare is now back on itch! Paint Warfare can now be purchased on both and Steam, and you'll also get a free steam key with your purchase! A lot...
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Paint Warfare 6.0 - Steam Release!
Paint Warfare is a low-poly casual multiplayer FPS with large scale maps. team and FFA combat, fun and unique weapons, vehicles and much more! Features of this...
New Paint Warfare Site!
Check out the brand new Paint Warfare site! You can now purchase the game from the site, and I'm also planning to post news and devlogs too! Check it out here...
Paint Warfare 5.0!
Anther month means a new Paint Warfare build, and this month's build is focused on combat and content! I've added 3 new unique weapons and weapon types. 5.0 bri...
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New weapons coming to 5.0...
2 brand new weapons are coming to the game! These new weapons will feature brand new unique mechanics that will completely overhaul the Paint Warfare experience...
Paint Warfare 4.2 Release!
We're super happy to announce the brand new 4.2 release, which brings new content, and fixes to issues brought up in 4.1! This build adds a new map, improved ma...
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