Paint Warfare 4.0 is OUT!

I'm super hyped to announce the massive 4.0 Paint Warfare release!

I've reworked many features from the ground up, and added some many game-changing features to improve you Paint Warfare experience!

The 4.0 release is centred around the new armoury,  new content and polish

Some major additions:

  • The armoury: featuring the new primary, secondary and special classes, each with their unique weapons
  • New menus and UIs: upgraded menus and UIs to help make them cleaner and easier to use
  • Ranks: a brand new ranking and xp system to show off your skills and used to unlock content and weapons
  • Upgraded matches: a brand new king of the hill mode, improved map, clearer FX, killfeed, chat and point system
  • Weapons: reworked and balanced weapons to provide better and more challenging gameplay, and the addition of a brand new epic weapon, the M240B!

Other goodies:

  • Ragdolls
  • News pages
  • Auto update checker
  • Optimisations
  • Server fixes
  • Network optimisations
  • Progress reset option
  • Matchmaker (disabled)
  • Profile page
  • Reworked options menu
  • Pause menus
  • Accuracy
  • Locked in mouse
  • Ping and FPS counter
  • Bug fixes
  • New models and LODs

Get the game now for free:

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Paint Warfare Windows 41 MB
Sep 18, 2019
Paint Warfare MacOS 43 MB
Sep 18, 2019
Paint Warfare Linux 47 MB
Sep 18, 2019

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