Paint Warfare 4.2 Release!

We're super happy to announce the brand new 4.2 release, which brings new content, and fixes to issues brought up in 4.1!

This build adds a new map, improved matchmaking, 2 new weapons,  AFK fixes, collider fixes, quality of life improvements and more...

Major additions:

  • Blizzard: a brand new open map with a mix of close and long range gameplay
  • ACR: a fast-firing accurate high damage silenced rifle
  • MP5: an accurate fast firing close range weapon with high damage
  • New ranks: reworked and refreshed ranks as well as 2 new ones
  • Better matchmaking: an improved matchmaker to help select the map and gather players

Other goodies:

  • Quit button
  • Input disabled when chatting or paused
  • AFK Fixes
  • Fixed base and water colliders
  • Player text to show how many players are in the match
  • Shield bar
  • Bug fixes
  • Clearer UI

Get the game now for free:

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Paint Warfare 44 MB
Sep 24, 2019
Paint Warfare 47 MB
Sep 24, 2019
Paint Warfare 50 MB
Sep 24, 2019

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