Paint Warfare Build 15 // June Update

Note: The current version (15.0) has some minor bugs which will be patched in 15.1. Please note that this game is still unfinished and in development.

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Major Additions:

  • TP Reworks: Added third person animations and updated the third person characters.
  • ACR and AKM: Added the ACR and AKM. Both of these are currently free in the shop, but will both cost 10 000 after their animations are reworked and complete.
  • Proto1 Map: Made a large teams map with over 30 spawn points, and  interesting close quarters combat. The map has multiple levels and many hiding spots to make for an interesting gameplay experience.
  • Leaning (work in progress)

Other Additions:

  • Sensitivity Slider: This has been a long requested feature and it is finally here! You can now lower your sensitivity to less the 1/3 of what it is now.
  • Tutorial Level: Made a basic tutorial level to learn the basic controls. (work in progress)

Updates to Features:

  • Updated UI: Updated fonts and UI across the game.
  • Updated Dunes: Added loads of new details (like flowers, bushes, grass etc.) to the Dunes map to make it look nicer (along with some new textures).
  • New Menu Map.
  • Revamped Particles: Paint particles are now more optimised and look nicer.
  • Reworked Primary: Reworked all ADS (aim down sights) on primary weapons.

Fixes and Other:

  • Settings now save.
  • Sway decreases when you aim.
  • Sensitivity decreases when aiming.
  • Shooting bug fixes.
  • Minor optimisations and tweaks.

Thanks for taking your time to read the update log for this version! You can get the game here and support it here so I can work on more cool stuff! (links open in new tabs)

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PW Legacy Win64 97 MB
Version 4 Jun 09, 2019
PW Legacy Win32 95 MB
Version 4 Jun 09, 2019
PW Legacy Linux 106 MB
Version 4 Jun 09, 2019
PW Legacy MacOS 101 MB
Version 4 Jun 09, 2019

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