Paint Warfare Remastered Public Alpha

I'm glad to announce the launch of the Paint Warfare website along with a public alpha! This alpha is an early stage of the remastered version of Paint Warfare!

After a few private tests, builds and bug fixes, alpha 3.1 is the first public build available for download!

The remastered version of Paint Warfare includes many reworked and improved features including:

  • New maps
  • Better optimisation
  • New weapons
  • Less bugs?
  • Refreshed UI
  • Work in progress and missing stuff

Get it now on or on the official site!


PW Remastered 33 MB
Aug 10, 2019
PW Remastered 36 MB
Aug 10, 2019
PW Remastered 31 MB
Aug 10, 2019


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No Linux version?

Linux builds will be available with the release of build 4.0 of the remaster.