WarCry Beta 3.0 Overhaul!

What's New?

  • HMG: A fun, inaccurate gun, with fast fire rate and infinite ammo
  • Patriot: A fast, low damage sniper with a high rate of fire. Best at close range.
  • Automatico: A fully automatic pistol for close range combat
  • Definitely no secret guns...
  • Desert: a brand new, desert map (replacing the old desert map) with a cleaner look and a beautiful landscape 
Bug Fixes and Other:
  • Updated UI, including better inventory icons
  • Severe lag fixes, settings take more effect on performance
  • Fixed the buggy hitbox bug

When's 4.0 Coming Out?

I'm sticking to a weekly release schedule, meaning that I'll release a new version every Thursday. Join the discord to receive updates on gameplay and free alpha versions of future updates.

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WarCry MacOS.zip 45 MB
Oct 24, 2018
WarCry Linux.zip 59 MB
Oct 24, 2018
WarCry Win (64 Bit).zip 40 MB
Oct 24, 2018
WarCry Win (32 Bit).zip 38 MB
Oct 25, 2018

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